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Three Things You Can Do In The State Of Virginia

Have you ever been to the Thomas Jefferson Monticello before? Perhaps you have taken a tour of the Smithsonian. If you have ever been to Virginia Beach during the summer, then you have more than likely traveled through the state of Virginia. There are so many destinations that you can go to. There is the Governor’s Palace, and also the Read Mountain Preserve. However, there are a few destinations that you may not have been, and if you haven’t, these three locations are places that you should certainly visit the next time you are in Virginia.

Virginia Beach

Of all of the beaches that are located on the Atlantic, this community has some of the best ones available. It’s a beautiful little city, complete with a boardwalk, Military Museum for aviation, and you can always do dolphin kayak tours. It’s a destination designed for those that like being near the ocean. You can travel up to Sandbridge beach, or take the Fat Tire Bike Eco-tour. This will keep you busy for several days, so it is recommended that when you book your hotel, be sure to extend your stay.

Arlington And Washington DC

If you have not been to Arlington which is very close to Washington DC, you should stop there before going to the nation’s capital. You can go to the Pentagon Memorial, the US Marine Corp War Memorial, and other destinations that are about commemorating the many things that Americans have done for our country. From there you can head over to the nation’s capital and see the Washington Monument, tried by the White House, and also see the Lincoln Memorial. All of these things are available for people that have never been there before, and for those that come back to enjoy a little bit of American history.

Booking your trip is going to be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Virginia is a beautiful state that you can see. Although Washington DC is not in Virginia proper, it’s close enough where you will be able to stop by, just a few minutes out of Arlington. Find out when you can go, and if you can travel during the spring and summer, it will be a very memorable vacation. Booking online will make sure that you save the most money whether you are flying in, or driving in, to this southern state.

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